COVID-19 Testing Bill Across Ukraine – Already in Parliament



COVID-19 Testing Bill Across Ukraine - Already in Parliament

A bill to amend certain laws of Ukraine in order to increase the capacity of the Ukrainian health system to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has been registered with BP, which is expected to launch large-scale tests nationwide for coronavirus and improve conditions for health workers.

The bill was introduced by deputies of the Golos faction, informs the press service of the party.

“Quarantine is just a method to temporarily curb the epidemic. The government should have used this time to prepare a system to fight COVID-19. We have developed and registered a new bill to provide tools to respond to the pandemic. Outpatient screening points should be deployed across the country to finally test as many people as possible and identify contact persons. Another priority should be the constant testing and support of health workers. They are the most at risk but, like everyone else, receive only 50% of the salary for the period of self-isolation. We propose to raise these payments to 100% of income and make medical testing a priority, “said editor-in-chief Olga Stefanishina.

It should be noted that the bill proposes mass testing of the population in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and the WHO. It also involves deploying a network of test points across the country within walking distance of citizens.

The bill also provides for regular and mandatory screening of coronaviruses for medical workers as a priority. In addition, it is planned to prioritize and test other workers involved in the fight against coronaviruses.

“The bill requires the Ministry of Health to provide training to health workers, for example on the proper use of personal protective equipment, infection prevention and infection control measures in the provision of medical care and care for patients with coronavirus (COVID-19), etc. “, – reports the press service of La Voix.

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In addition, the bill obliges the government to permanently publish information on the availability of tests in medical establishments, personal protective equipment for doctors and the distribution of purchases and humanitarian aid in each region. The document also makes it possible to involve trainees and medical specialists in volunteering in health establishments.

As indicated in the “Voice”, funds for these purposes should be sufficient in the stabilization fund to combat COVID-19, adopted by Parliament last week. The government must finally begin to use the money effectively to contain the epidemic and help caregivers.

As reported, at 11 p.m. on April 23 in Ukraine, 7,170 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 187 were fatal, 504 patients recovered. During the day, 578 new cases were recorded.

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