COVID19 patients doctors cannot issue the appropriate sick leave – doctor



COVID19 patients doctors cannot issue the appropriate sick leave - doctor

After modifications to the tax code concerning sick leave for medical personnel, the Ministry of Health has not yet approved the necessary regulations.

As a result, sick doctors from COVID19 are forced to go on vacation because of their inability to claim an occupational disease and, therefore, to receive compensation, said Andrei Alexandrin, epidemiologist, head of the national expert group on the infection control, on the Right to Power program.

“Amendments have been made to the Tax Code regarding sick leave certificates for medical personnel who have developed coronavirus infection. The Ministry of Health has not yet approved the amendments to Instruction No. 455, which governs the issuance of sick leave certificates. And, therefore, we see a picture that doctors workers who are directly infected with coronavirus infection send their management either just on vacation or they go alone, “said Aleksandrin .

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He also pointed out that the inability to take sick leave leads to the fact that doctors who have a coronavirus infection do not receive adequate compensation.

“Even doctors who are sick today cannot be compensated for occupational diseases,” he said.

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Reminder: in Ukraine, electronic sick leave certificates, promised to the Cabinet since April 2020, have still not been implemented. The “electronic sick leave” project is a joint work of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Policy. At the Ministry of Health, the delay in the implementation of the project is explained by technical problems, due in particular to the spread of coronavirus disease.

On March 17, a number of laws came into force, including amendments to the Tax Code, adopted to control the spread of coronavirus infection.

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