CPVV fingerprinting procedure: an information resource explained why the illegal armed forces take the fingerprints of people leaving ORDLO



In “DPR” activists controlled by the KPVV “Elenovka”, illegal armed groups take photos of people and take fingerprints of them. Why did DPR activists collect the fingerprints of people traveling to territory controlled by Ukraine?

fingerprinting procedure
Fingerprinting procedure. Photo –

This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the information resource “Donetsk Affair”, reports the NPF.

According to the Donetsk case resource, DNR activists have not simply decided to take the fingerprints of those who, for whatever reason, want to enter territory controlled by Ukraine. The author of the article writes that with the help of fingerprints, the activists began to form a base of people whom they could later accuse of spying. According to the author of the publication, for this, the militants of the “DPR” even had to go to a territory controlled by Ukraine.

The author of the publication noted that the “MGB DPR” forms this basis.

“So, whether it is more precise or worse than the situation in the” republics “, the more likely it is that this MGB base will be used, it is convenient that the MGB does not have to run after the” spies “, here they are, right with a neat list, ”writes the resource.

We had previously reported that the information resource had announced preparations for the opening of a new CPVV between Ukraine and Ordlo.



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