CPVV in Donbass: an ORDLO information resource said under what conditions they can open a contact line after quarantine



Information resource News AU “We warned you” said that after quarantine in Ukraine, the contact line in Donbas can only be opened subject to admission to the occupied territories of international organizations . According to the author of the article, international organizations will certainly want to learn about the epidemiological situation at ORDLO.

CPVV in the Donbass
CPVV in the Donbass. Stock Photo –

This was reported by the portal Donpress referring to News UA “We warned you,” reports the NPF.

Information resource News AU “We warned you” indicated that the KPVV in Donbass can only be opened after international organizations have had access to the occupied territories. The author of the article writes that there is currently no official confirmation of this information.

“At the moment, only rumors are circulating in the corridors of DonOGA. “ORDLO” after the removal of quarantine in Ukraine will only be “printed” if international organizations are authorized to verify and monitor the epidemiological situation, “said the source.

It should be noted that the residents of ORDLO have repeatedly reported on social networks that the illegal “republican authorities” are hiding the real situation of the coronavirus. In addition, representatives of illegal armed groups hamper the work of the OSCE.

Earlier, we reported that American diplomats had offered the Kremlin a good deal in the Donbass.

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