Cream Soda released a self-isolation cover of “Crying for Techno”: Alexander Gudkov like a skater and whiff of UNO in the video



Cream Soda

City authorities are stepping up their efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic, so the songs and videos on self-isolation continue to be major successes. The Moscow group Cream Soda made an urgent video for the cover of the BREAD team’s Crying for Techno, dedicating it to all the canceled parties and the new state of affairs.

Alexander Gudkov’s Chicken Curry team led by Alexander Gudkov worked on the idea and the video sequence, Gudkov playing several roles at once: another skater who is also locked in his apartment and a disinfection specialist.

Dmitry Krasilov, who became the star of the Little Big UNO clip, as well as one of the authors of the original “Cry for Techno” Denis Kukoyaka, created other urban prisoners of the pandemic, who created the image of someone sitting on the other side of the video call.

The clip of the updated song “Crying for Techno” instantly found an answer in the hearts of all self-isolated citizens – the result of its first day on the network was 800 thousand views on YouTube and 48 lines in the “Top 200” on Apple Music.

Alexander Gudkov

Dmitry Krasilov

Denis Kukoyaka

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