Create unique tests for coronavirus in the United States


Americans invent the fastest tests to determine COVID-19

A breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19: unique tests for coronaviruses were created in the United States. Photo: DW

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the Abbott ID Now COVID-19 test to identify the presence of a new coronavirus.

The technology is a portable mini-lab (in-the-box) ID with optional Abbot ID Now COVID-19 tests. The device can provide a positive result in just 5 minutes, and a full diagnosis takes 13 minutes. The test can be used in any situation.

The coronavirus is rapidly detected and used by molecular testing by the ID Now system, which searches for a small portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA and extends this segment until it is detected Not enough to apply. Other testing methods may take hours or days to achieve feasible results. In addition, they need hospital facilities.

Abbott hopes to ship 50,000 tests a day in the US this week. It should be noted that the hardware platform, on the basis of which testing is carried out, is already “widely available” in doctors’ offices and emergency rooms.

Presumably, in the USA it would be possible to implement large-scale rapid-scale testing using the Abbott solution, which could provide results quickly. Thus, the country will be able to more accurately consider the extent of the COVID-19 epidemic and ensure that infected people receive the necessary assistance as soon as possible.

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Recall that a global voluntary network of engineers, hackers, entrepreneurs and doctors has already been created in the world, who “crack” traditional medical devices and adapt existing versions or create new ones that can be used by any user Can be made on 3D printers or even stitched.

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