Creative industries: BP committee launches investigation to calculate quarantine losses



Creative industries: BP committee launches investigation to calculate quarantine losses

The BP Committee on Humanitarian and Public Information Policy urges representatives of the creative industries to submit to an anonymous survey to discover the main categories of loss and to offer the most effective government support tools.

This was announced by the vice-president of the committee, vice-president of the faction “Servant of the people” Yevgenia Kravchuk on his Facebook page.

“Our humanitarian and information policy committee, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, has initiated the development of a support package for businesses in the fields of culture, creative industries and tourism, which suffers losses due to quarantine. Our common task is to take all necessary measures to maintain jobs, financial viability and the ability to continue to operate by Ukrainian companies and small businesses. In order to obtain better results, we invite representatives of the cultural industry (legal persons, individuals, entrepreneurs and freelancers) to participate in a survey which will allow us to know the real needs, the main categories of losses and their extent; provide the most effective support tools, “said Kravchuk.

You can participate in the survey until April 30, 2020 (inclusive) via the link. The MEP underlined that the questionnaire is anonymous and that the data that respondents will provide must be reliable and in no case passed on to third parties.

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As Ukrinform pointed out, the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy submitted on April 22 to the Verkhovna Rada for registration a set of bills on economic support for culture and the creative industries for the quarantine period .

The bills that have been proposed aim to modify the budget and tax codes, as well as certain legislative acts, in particular with regard to state support for culture, the creative industries, tourism, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thus, the proposed measures include the introduction of tax advantages and preferences for the payment of rent and the tax on plots of land belonging to the state and municipalities.

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It is also proposed to exempt certain transactions from the payment of value added tax, income tax, tourist tax, personal income tax, single social contribution, non-residential property tax, inclusion in the tax discount to reduce taxable income by the amount of funds or the value of the property in the form of donations or charitable contributions to non-profit organizations for cultural activities.

At the same time, it is possible to reduce the rent for the use of real estate.

At the same time, remuneration for the work of cultural institutions which receive financial support from the state budget and measures for the protection of cultural heritage can be added to the list of protected budget items.

At the same time, all of the draft laws drafted provide for the simplification of the procedure for obtaining State aid by commercial entities which have suffered losses due to restrictions or the prohibition of quarantined activities.

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In addition, state support for cinematography can be supplemented by the end of the year with a new form – the granting of a state subsidy for the development of a film project up to ” up to 100% of the estimated total development cost of the corresponding film project.

Broadcasters and software service providers using the radio frequency resource may be exempt from paying 50% of the cost of the broadcasting, radio and television company’s services, and a 10% VAT rate will be set for operations supply of utilities and electricity.

In addition, the authors of legislative initiatives propose to introduce the concept of a subsidy, provided by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, into fiscal and budgetary legislation, by supplementing the reasons and the procedure for its granting and its taxation.

At the same time, it is recommended, in particular, to the Cabinet of Ministers to provide one-time financial support of up to 100,000 UAH to self-employed and commercial entities with a number of full-time employees up to 15 people and a turnover of up to 5 million UAH per year to partially cover the costs associated with in particular, with the payment of rents, payment of salaries, taxes and fees.

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