Creators of “DIY Home” explain application failure


“DIY House” – an application to monitor compliance by Ukrainians with self-isolation

The creators of “House of Dye” explained the application malfunction. Photo:

The possible failure in the work of the state’s application to the observation of self-isolation and observance of the “House of Dooms” is due to “routine maintenance”. The editor of PaySpace magazine was announced today with the support of Dia Seva.

Therefore, some users today may face incorrect operation of the service: multiple notifications about the need for photo confirmation of their stay at a place of self-isolation in a short period of time, lack of an internet connection and quarantine rules for successful verification Message about violation of.

Photo: PSM7.COM

Service support, in case of problems with the application, advised to restart the smartphone, noting that “despite verification, the number of days of self-isolation will not change.”

Photo: PSM7.COM

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