Criclius said when public transport starts



Criclius said when public transport starts

Public transport in Ukraine will gradually resume work, at the earliest in May.

This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Krikly on Obozrevatel TV.

“I think that talking about specific dates now is very premature. But certainly not before May. I would have predicted June-July,” said Krikliy, answering a question from a journalist about the precise dates for the launch of the metro and trains. public transport in Ukraine.

According to him, the resumption of public transport will be done gradually, until the complete lifting of the quarantine restrictions.

He noted that this will happen if the number of COVID-19 diseases and deaths caused by this virus are reduced.

The minister stressed that the start of public transport depends mainly on how Ukrainian citizens will comply with the rules of quarantine and self-isolation.

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As reported by Ukrinform, on March 16, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to stop work on the Kiev metro, Kharkov and the Dnieper rivers to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease. In addition, as of March 18, intercity and inter-regional passenger rail, air and bus services were stopped.

On March 25, a state of emergency was instituted throughout Ukraine and the quarantine was extended until April 24.

In the morning of Wednesday, April 15, in Ukraine, 3,764 cases of coronavirus infection were registered, of which 108 were fatal and 143 patients were cured.

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