Criminal responsibility for children without children: in Ukraine proposed to punish for deviating from traditional values



In Ukraine, they can introduce criminal responsibility for encouraging a departure from traditional values. Childfree is on the list of prohibited ideas.

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It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to the bill 3316-1.

This bill was introduced by the people’s deputy, the representative of the “OPZZh” fraction Oleg Voloshin. The bill provides for fines and prison terms for propaganda of refusing to have children, for debauchery and for unnatural sex. The amount of the fine varies from 3400 to 8500 UAH. In addition, criminal liability is provided for three to five years, in extreme cases, up to ten years.

The people’s deputy motivates the promotion of such a law by the fact that in recent years, traditional family values ​​in Ukraine are going through a difficult period. Many people refuse to have children, which affects the birth rate. The ban on the promotion of families without children will help increase demographic indicators.

Recall, as noted above, the reaction to the quality of medicines in Ukraine: the result of the investigation struck the authorities.

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