Culeba – on surrogacy: earning money through child trafficking



Culeba - on surrogacy: earning money through child trafficking

Culeba – on surrogacy: earning money through child trafficking

05/28.2020 18:49


Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Mykola Kuleba believes that with surrogacy, a woman is an incubator who does not have the right to own her own body.

He posted this opinion on his Facebook page.

“Was anyone interested in how the children of a surrogate mother feel (already available – editor’s note)? How does the mother’s pregnancy, which then disappears, affect them? A woman is essentially an incubator who is not allowed to own a body, ”wrote Kuleba.

According to him, in recent years, the subject of surrogacy in Ukraine has been the subject of highly publicized international scandals. Refusal of disabled children or exchange for a “quality child”, sale of children to strangers, “massive” congestion of babies in the hotel due to quarantine – all this is the result of a business uncontrolled, because of which children suffer.

“Commercial surrogacy aims to meet the interests of a customer who essentially purchases expensive goods – a child. After my call to ban commercial surrogacy, I received a bunch of reports that surrogacy is an opportunity, these are technologies that give people a chance, “said the Presidential Commissioner for rights of the child.

Culeba believes that behind the advertising of surrogacy on happy families, in fact, difficult cases are hidden. For example, when families are fictitious, when homosexual couples and rapists can turn out to be “spouses”. “It (an advertisement for surrogacy) does not mean that Ukraine cannot control what happens to children who are taken abroad. About the attitude towards the woman herself – after all, it is essentially the exploitation of a woman. The slavery she accepts because of poverty. And I would never agree if it weren’t for gains, “he wrote.

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Kuleba gave examples of contract clauses signed by a surrogate mother before providing a “service”. In particular, she is obliged to present herself at each step she takes, she is not entitled to the child she has given birth to. The child’s “transfer” format transforms the child into the object of the contract, into goods for which he pays. And if the “product” is not suitable – the contract provides for the possibility of losing it, noted Kuleba.

“This is not an opportunity for couples without children. It makes money on child trafficking. And how does such a mother feel? A woman who has been carrying a child for 9 months, who is deprived of her right to be informed of her whereabouts and what is with her, ”said the official.

He noted that some believe that a surrogate mother does a good deed when she agrees to help others, but Kuleba doubts that a woman who forced her to do a “good deed” can accept this.

As indicated, in the “Venice” hotel in the capital, which is a department of the Biotexcom clinic, 51 children were born by surrogacy. Parents cannot pick up children due to quarantine restrictions.

The Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Lyudmila Denisova, called on law enforcement officials to request an immediate response to the situation.

Denisova then examined the rooms equipped for a baby hotel and recognized that the conditions were good there and that all the children were well looked after. She also said that during a working meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the GMS, an effective mechanism had been developed to resolve this problem of transferring babies born by methods of substitution for their babies. biological parents.

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On May 15, Parliament registered Bill 3488, which introduces the approval of dispensaries and criminal responsibility for violations committed during surrogacy.

The Ministry of Social Policy noted the need to develop a national surrogacy policy.

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