Curb announced the release of new multicards


The startup issues debit cards, allowing you to attach up to 100 payment cards and manage them through the application

Curve announced the release of new multicards. Photo:

Multivariable physical company Karve has announced a new card without a number. Thus, the British fintech startup wants to increase the security and usability of its product.

Investors doing curve crowdfunding will get new cards which do not have PAN (primary account identifier) ​​on the front side.

The company said that the lack of a number will not only give the card a smooth look, but will also increase security, as the data of the card will be in a curved password or biometric protected application. To complete the online transaction, users simply have to copy and paste the required data from the application.

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Earlier we wrote that Ukrainian banks Alpha-Bank and Monobank started issuing cards without details: card number, expiration date and CVV code.

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