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Universal card overview from British company Curb

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Previously edited Payspace magazine The three most popular multicard wallets have been talked about, which replace multiple credits, debits, gifts, memberships and identity cards with multiple multifunctional “plastics”. Today we publish a review of one of these universal cards – the British Product Curve.

Multicard Curve: What It Is and How to Use It

Curb is a British fintech startup that allows its users to store up to 100 payment cards on a MasterCard plastic and manage them through a mobile application. When ordering, the user receives a registered MasterCard debit card. There are several card products to choose from:

  • Curve Blue is a free blue card
  • Curve Black – A black card, priced at 9.99 euros per month
  • Curve Metal – One card in red, blue and pink gold, costs £ 14.99 per month (about $ 14.99)

The upgrade card can be done directly in the application.

In addition to the ability to add nearly a hundred payment cards, Curve also provides the following functions to its users:

  1. Transfer funds to more than 25 different currencies
  2. 1% cashback on goods and services of three merchants. For Curve Blue – 90 Days, Curve Black and Curve Metal – Unlimited. The list of vendors includes dozens of well-known brands, including Starbucks, Virgin Experience, Netflix, Spotify,, Apple, Amazon, H&M, and more.
  3. Go back in time Allows you to change the card used for transactions in amounts up to 1 thousand euros within 14 days after payment
  4. Ability to spend money abroad without additional conversion fees. A free account has a ban on overseas transactions with zero commissions of £ 500 (approximately $ 652) per month
  5. Free cash withdrawal from ATMs abroad. Service is valid as per the tariff scheme limits, but up to 600 pounds (about $ 782) per month
  6. Customer Safety Curve. Refunds up to 100 thousand Euros for unauthorized transactions or for services and goods that were not provided by the seller or provided for insufficient quality
  7. Free travel insurance and electronic gadget insurance. The service is only available for Curve Black and Curve Metal cardholders in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  8. Lock and unlock the card in the application. If a card is lost, it can be freezed in the application and unlocked later.

Also, if you forget the PIN code, you can check it by entering your password in the application or using your fingerprint as an identifier.

Physical “plastic” advantage: If the payment terminal does not support NFC for payment by contact method using mobile phone (or you need to withdraw cash from ATM), you can always use Curve.

How does the curve work

To store a dozen cards on a “plastic”, you have to install the Curve application, register in it and then add your debit and credit cards. Then – Confirm the card in one of the following ways:

  • 3DSecure – The card issuing bank must confirm a microtransaction with a small amount debited due to the user entering a password or SMS confirmation. The funds will later be returned to the user.
  • Microcharge – Curve will remove a small amount from the user’s card. After that, you will need to check the bank statement and enter the code that appears in the Curve application (the code may appear in a few days). After entering the code, the money will be returned to the card immediately

Next in the application you have to select the main card, just by clicking on it. Thus, the next time you make a payment using the loan, the money will be removed from the main card of the application. You can change the main map in the application with just one click.

Can cards be added

You can add Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards to the curve. The service also supports prepaid cards: Al-Mawarid Bank SAL, Be Next, Boon, Cap on Tap, Cashplus, Comparzbank, Didcate, Fidor Bank, Holly, Lydia, Metabank, Monsey, PayPal, Pelera, Ploit, Pokepit, Postpay, Postpay Evolution, Revolut, Santander, Self Bank, Skrill / Paysafe, Soldo, Spendesk / Transact, Starling, Shine, Tide, Twisto and Wirex.

You cannot add American Express, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB and UnionPay cards.

How to get a curve

According to the information given on the company’s official website, the Curb Card is currently available to residents. 31 countries in the European Economic Area. It was previously reported that in 2020, a startup plans to enter the US market.

To order a multicard, you will need to download the Curve mobile application in the App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, you will have to go through a simple registration and then receive an e-mail confirming the order. Next, you must link at least one MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card to your Curve account in the application, after which the company will send a physical multicard. On average, deliveries in the UK are in EU countries – 1 to 2 weeks, up to 5 days. On receipt, the customer will be given a Curve Name Card.

note. For Ukrainians, registration in the application is not available. When selecting Ukraine, the application will prompt you to choose another country to continue registration, but if you have already specified Ukraine, you will not be able to change the settings – go back and indicate that Another place of residence will not work. Still in app It is possible Add a card from the Ukrainian issuing bank.

How to add a Ukrainian bank card to the curve

You can add Visa and MasterCard cards of Ukrainian banks in the Curve application. Adding a card is similar to any other banking mobile application: you can take a picture of the card or enter data manually (the name of the card holder, the data on the card and the actual address of the card holder). After the card is loaded, it will need to be confirmed by microtransaction (see above) and then selected as the main card.

Below is the step by step procedure of adding a card to the Curve application:

  1. Select the “Add new card” option, then take a picture of the card to add its data.
  2. Then we indicate the address of the payer and confirm the debit of the money, which will be returned to the card later.
  3. After verification, the card will be added to the application

When adding a hryvnia card, a message appears that it is not supported by the currency application, as a result of which the payment will be changed to pound sterling, which may lead to additional charges (for example, due to conversion to UAH 10 The account was charged for verification of the card). However, if you add a currency card of the Ukrainian issuer in dollars or euros, an additional% will not be charged, as these are the currencies supported by the application.

The Curve currently supports 27 currencies including the Hong Kong Dollar, the Russian Ruble and the South African Rand. A complete list of supported currencies can be found below.

Is there a commission?

When a payment is made with a hryvnia card using the curve, a small commission may be charged, as the hryvnia will be converted into pound sterling during the transaction. Thus, payment for goods and services will be everywhere with% in Ukraine and abroad (except Britain). When paying with the hryvnia card for pounds and items, no commission will be charged. Payment by card of a Ukrainian bank, whose account is executed in one of the currencies supported by the Curve, will also be without commission.

Below is an example of buying a Coca-Cola bottle (0.5 ml) in Britain and Ukraine. A drink costs 1.45 pounds in the UK, in Ukraine – 11.89 UAH. Payments for purchases with a Curve card in Britain went without commission – exactly UAH 45.21 was charged to the Ukrainian card, equivalent to GBP 1.45 at the then exchange rate.

In Ukraine, when the goods were paid using the curve, UAH 12.06 was withdrawn from the Ukrainian bank’s card for $ 11.89 instead of UAH bank, which was indicated on the check due to the hryvnia being converted into pounds. was done.

note. You can add cards of Ukrainian banks to the Curve multicard, further utilizing the many benefits of the product. However, due to the fact that Curb cannot be ordered in Ukraine, it will be useful for Ukrainians who study or work abroad. Also, during its registration you may be asked to confirm that you actually live in the country in which you want to order the card (for example, by sending a photo of your rights or passports) – otherwise the card will give you Cannot be sent.

In November 2019, Curve announced integration with Google Pay Mobile Wallet. This will allow the company’s customers to tie all credit cards from digital wallets to traditional cards, and then pay with it to POS-terminals. The company is going to implement similar functionality with Apple Pay. However, neither these announcements, nor the large investments the company managed to attract in the first summer, increased the product’s popularity among ordinary citizens – out of the company’s 500 thousand customers, only 14% actively Use their services.

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