Cyberpolis and the EMA Association signed a memorandum of cooperation: what will change


Cyberpole collaborates with banks, industry associations, private companies, as well as universities

Photo from Alexander Karpov’s Facebook page

Yesterday, 11 June, the Cyber ​​Police signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ukrainian Interbank Association of members of the EMA payment system. The signing was attended by Alexander Grinchak, head of the Cyber ​​Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine and Alexander Karpov, director of the EMA Association.

Alexander Grinchak
Head of the Cyber ​​Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine

According to Alexander Karpov in a comment from PaySpace magazine, to reduce the real risks, the association is constantly updating the inter-bank anti-fraud system Exchange-Online and gradually turning it into an anti-fraud hub. The system already works with a request processing module from the CyberPol Crime-Check Online by API, a service for entering and checking the identity of fake transactions – Incidents Database. The development and pilot launch include cardholder verification interbank services, aimed at preventing fraudsters from obtaining loans online based on stolen personal data of citizens, and checking IMSI, which aims to provide financial numbers of bank customers Fraud is to be prevented with key theft that will also work on APIs.

Alexander Karpov
Director EMA of the Ukrainian Interbank Association of payment system members

To date, CyberPol has already concluded 21 memorandums of cooperation and partnerships, 7 of them with private companies and 14 with universities.

Paypal magazine help

Previously, the cyber police reported that it is currently one of the most relevant cyber threats in Ukraine. In particular, at the beginning of the year in Kiev, a group of skimmer scammers were detained while trying to extort money from duplicate bank cards of Ukrainian banks. In fact, ordinary plastic cards with magnetic strips were seized from them, on which the settlement information was recorded.

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