Cyberpolis prohibits illegal activities of 20 online exchanges


Detectives created online exchangers and offered services for the legalization and encashment of money received from crime


Cyber ​​police officers department Expose Illegal activities of a group of people conducting 20 online exchanges and providing illegal services. Traced three inhabitants of the Poltava region.

The attackers organized a criminal scheme for the provision of services for the legalization of money received by criminal means. Namely, the money received from hacker attacks on international companies, the spread of malware, the theft of money from bank accounts of foreign companies and citizens. In addition, he offered the exchange of electronic funds restricted for circulation in Ukraine.

For these purposes, the defendants created about 20 online exchangers, and also posted advertisements on special forums on the Darknet network. During 2018–2019, the attackers operated approximately $ 42 million in several cryptocurrencies.

During the search, computer equipment, weapons, ammunition and cash worth more than $ 200 thousand were seized. The suspects were sentenced to up to 8 years in prison.

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Earlier, cyber police officers stopped the criminal activity of a group of people who had seized citizens’ money under the guise of selling branded goods over the Internet. The detained residents of the same area created their own website, with the help of which they tricked citizens under the guise of selling household items of well-known brands.

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