Czech authorities have weakened quarantine: local residents have been allowed to travel outside the country



Since Friday April 24, Czech residents have been free to walk the streets, even when traveling outside their state.

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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “commanding officer“.

As you know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, to date in the Czech Republic, as in many other countries, a number of serious restrictive measures have been applied. But now the authorities of the countries have decided to gradually quarantine. And the first step is the free movement of citizens.

In addition, from April 24, residents of the Czech Republic will be able to travel abroad. Certainly, when they return home, they will have to present a coronavirus test, which will show that the newcomer is not sick or spends two weeks in isolation.

In addition, citizens of the European Union or students of European universities will be able to come to the Czech Republic, under “certain conditions”.

Already on Monday, April 27, the relaxation of quarantine measures will continue and gymnasiums, libraries, stores with an area of ​​up to 2,500 square meters will open in the country. They will resume their studies in universities.

If the number of files does not increase sharply, from May 11, shopping centers, museums and hairdressers will open in the Czech Republic. Two weeks later – restaurants and hotels.

Recall that we wrote earlier why in Ukraine the quarantine was extended until May 11.

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