Czech Republic to Increase Visa Delivery to Ukrainians



Czech Republic to Increase Visa Delivery to Ukrainians

Czech Republic to Increase Visa Delivery to Ukrainians

06.06.2020 18:19


This week, 7 other visa centers of Czech diplomatic missions and the visa section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kiev resumed their work in Ukraine, which increases the possibility of issuing visas to Ukrainian citizens.

This was reported on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Czech companies lack Ukrainian workers. Unfortunately, we are limited by the measures taken by the Ukrainian government, “said Foreign Minister Tomas Petrzycek.

He said he was satisfied that since the opening of the Czech consulate in Lviv 14 days ago, the number of visa applications has increased tenfold – around 600 to 60. The service and visa centers will intensify their work.

Visa applications for seasonal workers, medical workers, transport workers, critical infrastructure workers, the food industry, etc. are accepted. Applications for a residence permit under the skilled worker program are also accepted, if applicable to medical or social workers, to scientists. Students and graduate students and a number of other categories of citizens can re-apply.

Resumption of processing of employee card requests submitted before the declaration of the state of emergency in the Czech Republic. They concern several thousand Ukrainian workers who will receive their work visa.

As of June 15, the Lviv Visa Application Center will resume accepting employee card applications under the Skilled Worker program after a break caused by the introduction of a state of emergency in Czech republic.

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As indicated, the Government of the Czech Republic, as part of the declaration of the state of emergency on the territory of the country due to the coronavirus, has decided to close the consulate general of the Czech Republic and the visa centers in Ukraine from March 16.

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