Damage reported during downtime in metro


During the closing time, Metro did not receive an average of 600 million UAH revenue

Metropolitan Metro talked about the loss during downtime. Photo: RBC

The metro did not receive half a billion hingenius during downtime in quarantine, but employees allocated money for wages. This was announced by the Deputy Director of Kiev Metro Natalia Makogon.

“600 million UAH lost revenue. At the same time, the Kyiv City Council provided the full amount for the salary,” said Makogan.

After a two-month quarantine break, the Metro began operations in Kiev on 25 May. On the first day there were some people who wanted to ride, but on Tuesday the situation improved. Only masked citizens are allowed in the Moscow metro.

Passengers are also asked to maintain a safe distance, but this requirement is not always respected. Metro has been tagged to drive people away and posted alerts about the rules on which citizens are not only encouraged to wear masks, but also gloves.

In addition, the metro administration acted to limit the number of passengers at the stations in the event of congestion – in the event of very large congestion, the stations would be completely or partially closed at the entrance.

The low number of passengers also affects the benefit of the metro. Unfortunately, often the population does not deliberately demonstrate behavior and blatantly disregards the rules, which can exacerbate the epidemiological situation and bring new damage to the metro.

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Remember that with resume work, you should not use the metro unnecessarily, unnecessarily. It was said by the Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko. “Because when entering public transport, you are in a risky area. Secondly, make sure to wear gloves if possible. Also, in the metro we have already marked the distance that must be seen while making contact at the ticket office and platforms. And we urge everyone to follow the key safety regulations.

The Ministry of Health also published a list of recommendations on the operation of public transport during the quarantine period. According to him, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the workers before the shift. Drivers, conductors, crew members, and passengers must wear protective masks.

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