Dangerous to health: “MNR authorities” have banned residents of the occupied Donetsk region from swimming in local waters



Residents of the occupied Donetsk region on social media are actively discussing a ban on swimming in local tanks. This decision was taken by the “authorities” of the “DPR”.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The “authorities” of the so-called “DPR” decided to ban residents of the temporarily occupied Donetsk region from bathing in local tanks. The decision of the “authorities” of the unrecognized republic is argued by the fact that the water in the tanks does not meet sanitary standards.

Residents of the occupied Donetsk and Donetsk regions write that they are prohibited from swimming in local tanks each year. People complain about the inaction of the “authorities”. According to the inhabitants of ORDLO, the water from stakes and lakes can be cleaned periodically, but representatives of the “authorities” do not want it.

One of the social media users ironically commented on the current situation.

“And does the” DPR “meet the conditions of existence? But people somehow exist. “

But, despite a serious health hazard, most commentators write that they will still swim in local waters.

Earlier, we reported that residents of the district of Ordlo had called the Ukrainian authorities for a major request.



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