Danske Bank transfers employees to partial remote


It turns out that bank employees work much more efficiently at home

Danske Bank transfers employees to partial remotes. Photo:

Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest commercial bank, will transform the organization of work processes into partial remote work with the transfer of employees.

Previously, due to the coronavirus epidemic, Danske Bank moved more than 19 thousand employees to remote locations. According to the first reports, during the quarantine period, the bank has improved the quality of customer service, employee engagement and productivity. According to representatives of the financial institution, the experience gained will have a “great impact” on the resolution of organizational issues at Danske Bank.

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Now, bank employees will be able to work from home one or two days a week. The financial institution will provide the opportunity to conduct all internal meetings via Skype without mandatory physical presence. Danske Bank plans to invest in new tools and platforms for remote corporate functions, such as the Microsoft team.

In the future, Danske Bank plans to start more workshops and venues for staff physical meetings, as more and more bank representatives prefer to work remotely.

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In 2019, the Danish financial regulator told police that Dunske Bank was providing inaccurate information to its customers. In June last year, the regulator began an investigation into Danske Bank’s failure to notify customers about the unsatisfactory performance of its investment product Flexinvest Fri. The bank also continued to sell this product to new customers.

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