“Darnitsa” in five years has published more than 40 own developments



“Darnitsa” in five years has published more than 40 own developments

04/28.2020 20:09


The pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” is intensively developing new drugs by investing its own funds in them.

This was stated in an interview with Ukrinform by the chairman of the board of directors of the Darnitsa group Dmitry Shimkiv, reports the agency.

“In the past 5 years, Darnitsa has launched more than 40 new brands, in the development of which we have invested 35.3 million euros. In 2020, we plan to register 11 new types of drugs in 27 dosages and types Five drugs have already been approved for use, “said Shimkiv.

He said that “Darnitsa” has widened the range of nasal sprays, sedatives and drugs to regulate the physiological rhythm of the intestine. In the prescription drug category, she presented a balanced crystalloid solution to correct electrolyte imbalance, gout treatment and a double combination of antihypertensive drugs, which is optimal for effective blood pressure control.

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Shimkiv also said that in 2019 Darnitsa changed its name and introduced a new strategy, in particular, to become a leader in integrated generics. By developing a product portfolio, the company adheres to the chosen strategy – to focus on the treatment of the most common diseases in Ukraine.

“We are developing new drugs in collaboration with the scientific and medical community, and now our portfolio includes more than 60 products at different stages of pharmaceutical development, which we plan to register before 2023. This is the result of the development of Darnitsa and cooperation with international companies. The company spends more than 40% of the total investment each year on research and development of new products, ”said Shimkiv.

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