De Zelensky hide the real situation in the country – Goncharuk



The former prime minister believes that the president has been placed in “information quarantine”. In other words, his entourage does not negotiate Zelensky on everything that is happening.

Alexey Goncharuk
Alexey Goncharuk. Photo –

The former prime minister shared this opinion on his Facebook page, according to MFN.

“I had the impression that Vladimir Zelensky was placed in information quarantine. “They don’t tell him about the full picture of what’s going on and therefore he doesn’t make the right decisions.”

Goncharuk expressed the hope that the situation will change soon and that the head of state will take care of everything that is going on.

The politician also wrote that the president’s team had taken a step forward to change the country in all directions at the same time. And that will not lead to anything good:

At the same time, you can only change everything if there is a team. In which everything is together. I was sure we had such a team, but when we started working, it became clear that someone was working for change, someone for the president and someone for himself. “

Recall that earlier we Goncharuk explained why he could not defeat corruption in the country.



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