Defeat of Russia in the fight for the moon: in the United States spoke of a special plan against Putin



The Russian Federation has encountered strong opposition from the United States in an attempt to conquer space resources. The American presidential administration is developing a special plan of international scope to fight against the ambitions of Vladimir Putin.

Moon and RF
Moon and RF. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

The United States is preparing to introduce an international agreement called Artemis Accords. According to this agreement, only a coalition of certain countries will have the right to extract resources from the Moon. Special powers will be granted to the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the European Union and Japan.

“The document will provide a safe area for the future bases that humanity will place on the moon. We intend to prevent damage to competitors. It will also create clear rules of international law, according to which the rights of ownership of the resources of the Moon will be determined, “said the US Presidential Administration.

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