Defense for Sternenko to request correction from house arrest clerk



Defense for Sternenko to request correction from house arrest clerk

Defense for Sternenko to request correction from house arrest clerk

6/15/2020 10:43 PM


Defense activist Sergei Sternenka is preparing two petitions to the Shevchenkovsky District Court to clarify the court decision that sent Sternenka under house arrest, and the petition to correct the typo for house arrest by the militant.

About this in a comment to Ukrinform, said activist defender Vitaliy Kolomiets.

“We are still here and are preparing two documents: a petition for clarification (court decision – editor’s note) and a petition to correct a clerical error (at the place of Sternenko’s house arrest – editor’s note). Until we prepare these two documents, we will not leave here, ”said Kolomiets.

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Responding to a question, the lawyer confirmed that Sternenko and his defense wanted to change the location of their house arrest in Kiev.

“They choose a preventive measure so that Sergey intervenes in the investigations, and they take place in Kiev. We will prepare (the application – ed.) In the near future, maybe in an hour. We stay here and expect the judge to change his mind and come to consider, or one of the service judges of the Shevchenkovsky district court in Kiev, “noted Kolomyets.

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As reported, on June 15, the Shevchenkovsky District Court in Kiev chose Sergey Sternenko as a preventive measure in the form of a house arrest.

Sternenko, after announcing the decision, noted that he could not carry out a house arrest at his home, in a military unit in Odessa, “where he was not even allowed to go”, and noted that the The call “will no doubt be”.

He was informed on June 11 of a suspected crime within the meaning of art. 115 h.1 (intentional and unlawful infliction of death on another person) and art. 263 para. 2 (transport of cold steel without the authorization provided for by law) of the Criminal Code.

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On the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko and his girlfriend. While pushing back, the activist fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker, who were quickly detained by the police but immediately released, stabbed him and granted him witness and state guard status.

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