Dekanoidze says police reform has ultimately failed



Dekanoidze says police reform has ultimately failed

Dekanoidze says police reform has ultimately failed

05/30.2020 01:27


Former national police chief Khatia Dekanoidze said police reform had ultimately failed.

She talked about it in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“To be honest: police reform is not something that has not come to an end, but it ultimately seems to have failed. Police reform not only involves patrol police. of a joint unit of both the criminal police and the investigative authorities, and above all: when the law enforcement system is reformed, it is necessary that the justice system and the prosecution be reformed at the same time ”, said Dekanoidze.

She believes that 93% of the police who were dismissed after recertification have recovered from the courts.

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According to her, the reason for the failure of the reform or a misunderstanding, or a lack of strict political will.

“The most important thing is that Ukrainians are satisfied and Ukrainians are unhappy. If the police or judges, the prosecution or the law enforcement system do not trust society, it means that there is no no reform … Often I have been accused of his team destroying the system (recertification, etc.), but the most important thing that I regret now is that the system was not completely destroyed, because for out of the soviet swamp, you must hate this scoop structure “Hate corruption! There should be a law that punishes people who put themselves above the law, “she added.

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Reminder: Dekanoidze headed the national police of Ukraine in 2015-2016. During this period, as part of the reform of the Ministry of the Interior, patrol police units were created.

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