Denial of strict quarantine: Poroshenko explained what really forced the government to relax restrictive measures



Former President of Ukraine, Member of the Party for European Solidarity, Petro Poroshenko, believes that protests by small and medium-sized enterprises have played a role and forced the government to weaken quarantine in Ukraine.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Dialogue. AU”.

Petro Poroshenko is certain that protests from business representatives forced the Cabinet to review the severe restrictive measures. Poroshenko believes that without the protests, the Cabinet would not have made this decision.

At the same time, the politician drew attention to the statistics of the incidence of coronaviruses. According to him, the indicators remain for the moment at the level of the last weeks.

Poroshenko also said that small and medium-sized enterprises during the strict quarantine were completely without state support. The former president of Ukraine said that because of this, the entrepreneurs were forced to protest. It was only in this way, according to the politician, that the government could hear them.

We previously reported that a Russian writer and journalist Shenderovich had called for the conditions under which Russia would return Crimea to Ukraine.



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