Denis Ermak commented on the scandalous videos with his participation




Brother of the bureau chief, the president stressed that the videos broadcast are nothing but a lie.

Denis Ermak
Denis Ermak. Photo –

About this, Denis Ermak said in a comment:Babel“Writes” MFN “.

“It’s fraud and cuts. I always discuss all the projects that are submitted in the Ukrainian circulation system to the Cabinet. But not all of my initiatives and projects have been taken into account by the government. And now they poured mud on me and my brother. “

He also noted that he always communicates openly with people and does not understand who had the idea to create such a “prank”:

“I thought I had no enemies … But it turned out that there were more than enough.”

Recall that we wrote earlier that the compromise on Ermak is the work of Avakov and Kolomoisky.

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