Deputies suggest that more and more benami money transfers


On 28 April this year, a new law on financial surveillance came into force, which limited the amount of anonymous money transfers.


Duties filed for consideration Bill no 3686, In which it is proposed to increase the maximum amount of money transfer from 5 thousand UAH to 25 thousand dollars without identifying the customer.

Recall, on 28 April this year, the law enacted the “Prevention of Legitimacy and Legitimacy of Criminally Acquired Money (Preventing Terrorism), Financing Terrorism and Financing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”, called Financial Monitoring Known as the law. Among other things, he limited the maximum size of benami money transfers from 15 thousand dollars to 5 thousand dollars. Now Ukrainians can refill other people’s accounts, transfer payments for goods and services, replenish cards at the terminal up to 5 thousand UAH. According to the authors of Bill No. 3686, “it caused significant inconvenience to ordinary citizens of Ukraine.”

Deputies called the goal of their bill “the protection and enforcement of constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine”.

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The new law on financial monitoring and anonymity of customers has changed the limits on the volume of financial transactions subject to control. Previously, it was a question of the amount from 150 thousand UAH, according to the new rules, operations in the amount of 400 thousand UAH will be controlled. Both foreign and domestic transactions and cash transfers, as well as international and local transfers will be monitored without opening an account for a quantity of 30 UAH (subject to the provision of data by the sender and sender’s recipient).

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