Despite pandemic, Ukraine pays tribute to victims of Mauthausen concentration camp



Despite pandemic, Ukraine pays tribute to victims of Mauthausen concentration camp

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06/05/2020 20:13


Despite the coronavirus pandemic, representatives of the Ukrainian embassy in Austria paid tribute to the victims of the Mauthausen concentration camp, on the site of which a commemorative complex was created.

This was reported by the correspondent from Ukrinform in Austria.

“Each year, the entire political elite of the country and the diplomatic corps meet here to lay wreaths. This year, the events were canceled due to a pandemic, but it was important that the embassy be here, in especially on this anniversary day. To honor the memory of our dead, their martyrs “This is a must,” said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Austria, Alexander Shcherba.

The revered memory took place on the territory of the memorial complex “Mauthausen concentration camp” in Upper Austria near Linz, on May 5 – the day of the liberation of the camp by American troops, which took place on May 5 1945. The Ukrainian diplomatic delegation was small – no more than 10 people, as stipulated by the new Austrian quarantine requirements for assemblies. In addition, when placing flowers, the required distance of 1 meter was observed. Ukrainians have laid wreaths both on their national monument and on the monuments and plaques of several other states.

The monument to the Ukrainian victims of Mauthausen was erected in the memorial area on the site of the former SS barracks, where the states have created separate places for the memory of their compatriots. The stone monument represents a woman angel who has lowered her head and is holding viburnum in her hands. Below are granite blocks, on them a crown of metal thorns and inscriptions in Ukrainian and German: “Eternal memory to the sons and daughters of Ukraine”.

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The number of Ukrainians dead in the Mauthausen camp is still unknown. The historical investigation initiated by the embassy entitled “Ukrainians in Mauthausen”, which includes memories, archives, old photographs and interviews with prisoners still alive from the concentration camp, is called to correct the situation.

“It is important that a book called” The Ukrainians in Mauthausen “is already ready – a study of human destinies, of the people who were here, survived or died. This book has already been written, we are only talking about of its publication. I hope that the Ukrainian Institute there will be funds for the national memory to publish this book. It is a tribute to our martyrs, “said the Austrian ambassador.

On Wednesday, there was hardly anyone on the memorial complex, except for the unique visitors. Like almost no wreaths or flowers. Now, alongside the crowns of the political leadership of the Republic of Austria, crowns and flowers have appeared from the Ukrainian state.

“It is important to remember what happened, to speak and to act in such a way that it never happens again. Let Nazism never happen again and nowhere. Violence and intolerance human should not be in our lives. And above all it should be remembered by those who sometimes say that “we can repeat it”, explained A. Shcherba.

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Despite the pandemic, Ukraine paid tribute to the victims of the Mauthausen concentration camp / Photo: Vasily Korotky, Ukrinform

As you know, “Mauthausen” was the only Reich concentration camp which, according to the Nazi classification, belonged to “category III”. This category meant “destruction through work”. Conditions in the camp were the most difficult in the Nazi concentration camp system. During the existence of the concentration camp, approximately 200,000 prisoners of 40 nationalities, including 8.5 thousand women, passed through it and the branch. Among the prisoners were also children and adolescents. In total, around 120,000 people, including thousands of Ukrainians, died in the Mauthausen concentration camp and its branches from 1938 to May 5, 1945.

Learn more in the material on the Ukrinform website.

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