Despite the forties: in Mariupol, to draw a television, a crowd of people stamped (VIDEO)



In Mariupol, during the quarantine, a grocery store was opened. The administration of the store in honor of the opening decided to draw a lot for television. For this reason, a crowd of local residents gathered near the grocery store, which ignored not only the ban on mass gatherings, but also social distance.

mass of people
A crowd of Mariupol residents near a grocery store. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

A new grocery store has opened in Mariupol. In honor of the opening, the store administration decided to play a television among the first buyers. This initiative by the store administration led a crowd of people to gather near the doors of the establishment.

The police quickly arrived on the scene. Law enforcement officers asked people to disperse and reminded them of the quarantine. But people did not respond to the police request.

According to media reports, it was not until the deputy mayor arrived at the scene of the incident and ordered the store closed that the residents returned home.

“All customers are checked by the Armor system for their self-isolation or mandatory test. And documents are being collected for the administration of the store, “said Mikhail Vershinin, chief of the police patrol service in Mariupol.

It should be noted that users of social networks are already actively discussing this incident.

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