Device disclosed for safe work in office during COVID-19


Technology is the controller of social distance

Protection against COVID-19: A device was developed for safe work in the office during an epidemic. Photo: odd

Estimot, a company that develops Bluetooth technology for positioning, has adapted its products to develop a new device. It is specifically designed to control the spread of COVID-19. The company has created a new series of portable beacons that, according to co-founder Steve Cheney, can increase security at the workplace for those who need to be in the office.

The devices are designed to provide contact tracing, in other words, monitoring the potential spread of coronaviruses from one person to another at the workplace level.

Employees can wear the device with a badge that, when contacting people from more than two meters away, the device will record the interaction as dangerous and mark the person as potentially infected. Thus, technology is the controller of social distance.

The device includes a passive GPS location tracker, as well as Bluetooth and ultra-wideband radios, a battery and proximity sensors working via built-in LTE.

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