Deyneko denied obtaining COVID-19



Deyneko denied obtaining COVID-19

Deyneko denied obtaining COVID-19

05.05.2020 21:06


The president of the state border services, Sergey Deineko, denied any information on the coronavirus disease.

He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“Some media that are difficult to call, even today, were the first to rush out to spread the message that I suspect I have symptoms of coronavirus and high fever. Of course, my favorite thing is to refer to anonymous sources and despite everything to spread a lie outright. I declare that my temperature is the norm, the morning was 36.3 and my state of health is satisfactory. At the same time, I note that each of our employees who visits offices undergo a temperature check, and I’m no exception, “he said.

Deineko added that he deliberately refers to preventing the spread of the disease and does the same work within the National Border Service.

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The official assured that tests were taking place in many border divisions, including the administration, in order to respond to challenges in a timely manner and not to endanger anyone.

“The result of my test, which I deliberately passed, is negative,” he concluded.

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