Dia accused of discharging data of 26 million Ukrainians


Telegram bots spread millions of drivers licenses

The risk

The application “Dia” was accused of dumping the data of 26 million Ukrainians. Photo:

Bots appeared in Telegram Messenger, which provide access to the driver’s license database with photos. According to the creators of the state application “Dia”, which is accused of a possible drain, the data received 26 million drivers licenses.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, which is responsible for the development of Dia, has denied the allegations of data leakage.

Ministry of Digital Transformation

According to the creators of Dia, analysis of the data available on Telegram showed that fraudsters have been using older databases that have been available on Darknet for years. Therefore, with “data of 26 million credentials”, the attackers first distributed other databases, including passwords from individual pages on VKontakte, LinkedIn, and more.

Edition Payspace magazine I found out how one of these bots works. Therefore, UA Baja, which allegedly has 327 million records and 4.5 billion password information, promises to provide data using search by F + I + O, F + I, F + I + etc .; Phone number ir (tin); Car number and email. Fraudsters report that within three days the bot will provide free access to the driver’s license database with a photo, after that – for only $ 500, as classified information and “when checking for themselves”.

According to the Ministry of Information, Ukraine’s security service is now conducting an investigation about the discharge of driver’s license data over the Internet.

Paypal magazine help

Earlier, we wrote that two bots appeared on Telegram searching for personal data of Ukrainians from phone numbers for money. Netizens suggested that the bots were taking data from the stolen Privibank base. Using the phone number, the bots provide the user’s name, date of birth, series and passport number, registration and TIN.

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