Digital COVID-19 passport to be launched in the European Union


Blockchain system “Health passport COVID-19” will help monitor the immunity of the virus population

Digital COVID-19 passports will be launched in the European Union: how the system will work. Photo: cryptos-tv

European companies from France and Estonia are developing the COVID-19 Health Passport system on the blockchain, which will allow tracking the number of coronoviruses and levels of mass immunity while protecting citizens’ privacy.

Coronavirus test results will form the basis of the system. If a patient has a disease, the test result will have a time stamp so that it is not considered incorrect, and can be updated in real time.

Like other digital solutions, immune certificates raise concerns about privacy, security, and effectiveness. While many countries and trade representatives see them as a way to potentially replace quarantine, data security experts warn that immune passports may have a lot of problems.

Because of this, the Swiss company SICPA and the French medical platform OpenHealth, which stores a database of 20 million citizens of the country, also joined the project, ensuring the security of personal data to be included in the project.

SICPA claims that a high level of data security will be ensured by the blockchain. You only need a smartphone or computer to register in the system. In this case, all personal data will be anonymous. According to SICPA, the system does not have a central database that records patients.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that medical institutions are still far from technology in the financial sector. But it is worth noting that the combination of these two industries can be a success not only for patients and medical personnel, but also for business. Already, there are several specific methods that can help the fintech industry and provide a much more convenient way for patients to interact with the system. Read more in PaySpace magazine.

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