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American neo-banking market is leading the world with the British


Currently, there are many qualified digital banks in the United States – we suggest you get to know them better.


The mobile financial services provider was founded in 2011 in the United States. And Mobile Bank, today known as Moven bank, was launched in 2013.

Moven products are designed to help customers use tools such as CRED scores, MoneyPulse and MoneyPath as well as conduct tests to determine financial identity.

Moven Bank provides mobile current accounts through cooperation with a traditional bank. By submitting an application to open such an account in the application, you will receive a prepaid debit card. It is essentially a regular bank card, only without an established overdraft. As we have already mentioned, the application can help manage daily expenses, which positively affects the personal budget.

In short, Moven provides flexible smart banking solutions that you can integrate into your existing applications to expand functionality. And the quick and easy software deployment option – to open APIs from predefined SDKs – is a really good solution.

Ordinary bank

Simple is an American digital bank, founded in 2009 under the name BankSimple. As part of a partnership with BBVA, Digital Bank offers free savings accounts primarily for use on smartphones. By registering your account, you will get a Visa Debit Card with a convenient and innovative mobile banking tool.

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