Digital in 2020: over 4.5 billion people connected to the Internet


The world’s population is about 7.55 billion people. Of these, approximately 4.54 billion. the InternetThis is a scary annual report data We are social is an Hootsuitewho photograph the situationdigital evolutionwith particular emphasis on distribution mobile technology,

Yes, the 4.54 billion people connected to the Internet is a number that applies to all access, and it doesn’t matter for computers, Macs, Android or iOS mobile devices, but there is another figure that shows how much mobility – key to the future: 3.8 billion people use social networks, while 99% use mobile,

Last year, the number of people who first surfed the Internet was about 300000000An encouraging figure, which, however, does not obscure the still disturbing fact: more than 40% of the inhabitants of the planet Earth cannot access the Network, especially in Africa and South Asia.

Among the curiosities that arose in the report, we learn how people go on average 6 hours 43 minutes connected to the network, almost a third (2.24 hours) on social networks. The most popular social network ever facebookwith 2.5 billion active users per month, ahead of YouTube with 2 billion pcs. Whatsapp from 1.6 billion. But be careful TEC So: Has 800 million active users, but this is a new reference social network for young people, and their number is expected to grow.

The report “We in social networks and social networks” also emphasizes that for the first time mobile devices have become a means of choice for Online shoppingThe same goes for me Online Gameswhich together with voice technology These are the two fastest growing trends: 4 out of 5 users play on the Internet at least once a month, and 43% use voice assistants, such as Amazon echo or Google homepage,

The study also shed light on a very delicate and important topic that is of particular interest to Internet users: ConfidentialityAlmost 66% of people said they were worried when they had to pass on their data to third parties.

Here the question arises: if those who use the Internet are so afraid that their privacy will be violated, how can we explain the massive use of social networks and third-party applications that first request access and permission for personal data?


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