Digital offer extended to May from 50 GB for 7 euro per month


May also continuesVodafone offer with unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 GB of 4G data traffic which can be activated from 7 euro per monthusing a simple online procedure that allows you to get a SIM card right at home. This offer, called “Special 50 Digital,” is only available to a specific target audience.

Price offer 7 euro per month in fact, it is available for those who switch to Vodafone Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile and other virtual operators. For those who switch to Vodafone Ken Mobile and CoopVoceinstead, the value of the proposal 9.90 euros per month. The activation fee depends on the operator of origin. For example, for those who go through the Iliad, it is reset, while the transition from Kena Mobile costs 12.10 euros.

To activate the new Vodafone offer of 50 GB per month, starting at € 7, you can use the online subscription procedure available with Vodafone official websiteThus, the SIM card will be sent at no extra charge to the address provided by the user within a few business days.

At the moment, the offer does not have an expiration date and can be offered during the month of May. Follow us for further updates.


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