Director “Dow” Says Children During Shooting Didn’t Cry In Pain




Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovsky, accused of possible child abuse during the filming of the film “Dau” in Kharkov, said that they had no experience with children and that their crying was a natural reaction to the outside world.

Khrzhanovsky said so in an interview with the “Caution Sobchak” program.

“They did nothing against them, no experience. With all of these babies, there were nurses and nannies – this can be seen in the frame. When babies cried, when they were changed there, which, in principle, is special, as you and I know, as parents of babies. Huh? And this cry does not mean an expression of pain, but simply a reaction to the world, ”said the director.

He confirmed that the children involved in the filming are indeed orphans of the social institution.

“They were babies from the orphanage. They are children abandoned by their parents. And it was important for me to just show these different babies, including babies who weren’t completely healthy. But this was again agreed with the doctors, with all kinds of establishments. But it was important for me to show this fragility of a person who you do not really know what can grow, “said Khrzhanovsky.

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He noted that he did not think he could be accused of ill-treatment or simply unethical, but believes that he did not rape anything, because everything happened “in a legal field”.

According to Ukrinform, the Kharkiv prosecutor’s office launched two criminal proceedings on 22 April on the facts of the network’s publications – under the articles “torture” and “production or distribution of works promoting the cult of violence” (part 2 of the article 127, part 3 of article 300 of the Criminal Code). Ukraine). The preliminary investigation in criminal proceedings is carried out by the Investigation Department of the General Directorate of the National Police of the Kharkiv region.

It has also been reported that Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovsky became artistic director of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kiev in late 2019.

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The group worked on the film “Dow”, which was known before the scandal due to the long and unusual filming process and frank scenes and scenes of violence, for about 15 years (5 years in Ukraine and 8 in London – post-production). The main shoots took place in Kharkov in 2008-2011. – on the territory of the former Dynamo basin, the Moscow Secret Research Institute has been built. According to the confirmation of Khrzhanovsky himself, for several years, people lived in decorations according to the rules of the Soviet era from the period 1938 – 1968. – with a “party organization” and even a “prison”.

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