Disastrous figures: journalist Yakovin explains why Putin’s rating drops so much



One of the latest opinion polls from the Russian Federation has shown that the confidence rating of Russian citizens towards President Putin is declining rapidly. According to the VTsIOM center, only 28% of Russian citizens trust Putin. Journalist Ivan Yakovina decided to analyze the reasons why the Kremlin leader’s rating was so low.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Youtube channel reporter Yakovina.

Journalist Ivan Yakovina recorded a new series of video blogs, where he decided to analyze the causes of the catastrophic drop in Putin’s rating in recent times. Yakovina believes that it was the lack of preparation for the coronavirus pandemic that “collapsed” Putin’s rating.

In addition, Yakovina noted that during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the ratings of world leaders in other countries increased or remained the same. But, in the Russian Federation, according to the journalist, a completely different situation is observed.

Yakovina believes that Putin has had enough time to prepare the country for a pandemic and at least somehow save the economy. Instead, he transferred responsibility to mayors and governors. According to Yakovina, this can later lead to more serious problems than a downgrade:

“It will be difficult for Putin to sit on his throne. He has ceased to fulfill one of his most important functions. Putin has ceased to be an arbiter among the elite, which resolves various conflicts within his inner circle. Before Putin, everyone obeyed, as he said, they did everything that way, but now looking at the fact that he is sitting in the bunker, the people around him stopped being afraid of him. “

Earlier, we reported that Lukashenko had turned to representatives of small businesses.

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