Distance psychologist: parents should not become teachers



Distance psychologist: parents should not become teachers

Distance psychologist: parents should not become teachers

11.05.2020 05:23


In quarantine, when all educational establishments have switched to distance education, parents should not sort out the role of teachers, but rather organize and provide the child with learning conditions.

About this in an interview with Ukrinform, said psychotherapist and writer Alesya Byvalkevich.

“The distance form does not provide for the parent’s responsibility for the whole process, his task is to organize. The teacher is responsible for the information, the student is responsible for its assimilation and the parent is responsible for the organization, “said the therapist.

According to her, in Ukraine, parents are used to taking responsibility for the evaluation received by the child, to play the role of a teacher.

“It is important that parents do not become teachers for the child. It is not forbidden if you like it and have time, and especially if you know how, but in principle it is better than teachers teach, that parents educate and provide support, “she said.

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When organizing a child’s workplace at home, the first thing that should be a separate place or classroom, also a device on which the student is engaged, comfort and convenience.

She also advises parents to follow the diet.

“It is doubly difficult to study online, especially if the child has never done this. The breaks between classes should be longer. Of course, the school calendar should not be changed, but it should be addressed taking into account all the features, “said Byvalkevich.

She sees a positive moment in distance education, in particular in the fact that this form of training involves the personal responsibility of the child for his result. A fairly adult approach: I get the grade I deserve.

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According to the Deputy Minister of Health, chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko, educational institutions in Ukraine will not open until September 1 – only a few for independent external testing.

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