Dmitry Nagiyev spoke of his beloved wife: “She is my best friend”



Dmitry Nagiev

It is difficult to find a more closed person on Russian television than Dmitry Nagiev, 53. In rare interviews, he refuses to talk about his family, his beloved wife and his children. 7Day magazine managed to ask the actor and showman personal questions and get answers that open the curtain of secrecy.

It is known that Nagiyev was married once – to actress and television presenter Alice Sher from 1986 to 2010. In their marriage, Cyril’s son was born, who is now 30 years old. In an interview with Yuri Dudu, Dmitry mentioned that Cyril is his eldest son, but refused to talk about young children and their mothers. In an interview with the correspondent for “7 days”, Nagiyev admitted that his beloved wife had been with him for many years.

My beloved, who has risen to me with the generals, knows with certainty that I have changed little as a person. I found a lot of new pictures, but inside the house, the family, I remained a simple guy from Citizens – that’s what Grazhdansky Avenue is, where I grew up. I appreciate friendship. And I was lucky: my beloved wife is my best friend … Recently, some parodies have come out on me, where my ego, my self-criticism is highlighted. But in life, this is absolutely not inherent to me. Therefore, the demonstration is far from the first line of the list, without which there is no Nagiyev. Love – that’s why I don’t exist … The beloved hand in your hand, children, the hope of working – that’s why I don’t exist, “said Nagiyev in a interview.

Dmitry Nagiev

Dmitry disagrees with the widely held claim that you should constantly work on relationships in a couple. Those who say that love is a daily job are mistaken. Old man, so it’s not love. Love is not work, love is the ease of being, it is absolute understanding, the dissolution of each other, yin and yang. It is not a collision of corners, but the ability to find the right puzzle, the right time to get close to a person. If something is wrong, the relationship turns into work and sooner or later love falls apart, ”added Dmitry.

Nagiyev explained that he prevented her from giving the name of his beloved wife and appearing in front of the cameras with her at a premiere. The actor generally ignores social parties, but sometimes makes an exception. I think the artist should know by his deeds, not by his naked ass … Keeping a life secret is easy – don’t show it, that’s all. And even if we are with my sweetheart somewhere at the premiere, we just sit at different ends of the room. There’s nothing like it, it’s the downsides that bring popularity, ”said Nagiyev.

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