“DNR” to restore “historic justice”: terrorists make new statement on the fate of Donbas



Representatives of the self-proclaimed “DPR” authorities are actively making aggressive statements to change the situation in Donbas for the better. The President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Russia, Vladimir Bidevka, made a very lively statement on the Day of Russia.

Flag of the “DPR”. Photo –

This is reported by a number of separatist media, reports “MFN”.

Bidevka is confident that the “DPR” will soon be able to make a breakthrough in terms of “restoring historic justice” thanks to its loyalty to the Russian Federation.

“We made our choice in 2014 and clearly adhere to it despite the difficulties. The DPR is part of the Russian world, our homeland is Russia, and every day we get closer to our roots. These six years of struggle have shown the world that the Donbass was and is part of Russia. Soon new great achievements await us, “said the representative of the terrorists.

He also expressed his personal gratitude to Vladimir Putin and congratulated all the Russians on this occasion.

Recall, as previously stated, popular Ukrainian politicians congratulated the Russians on the occasion of the holiday of Russia: details of the scandalous statement.



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