Do hospitals require supplements? NSZU indicates where to complain



Do maternity wards require supplements? NSZU indicates where to complain

Do maternity wards require supplements? NSZU indicates where to complain

06.06.2020 18:49


A free medical package during childbirth covers all the services necessary for a woman in labor and a newborn baby. If the patient needs a supplement, it is necessary to inform the hotline.

Oksana Movchan, president of the National Health Service, said this during a briefing, reports a UKRINFORM correspondent.

<< The free delivery plan includes: medical care during childbirth, including cesarean section, monitoring of the condition of a pregnant woman, a woman in labor and a new baby -born, instrumental exams, consultations with doctors and other specialists, if necessary, stabilization of the newborn's condition after delivery and cardiopulmonary if necessary, as well as vaccination of newborns in accordance with vaccination schedule. No one has the right to demand official or unofficial supplements, "said Movchan.

According to the NHA, voiced by Movchan, nearly 400 medical facilities across the country have signed a contract with the NHA for the provision of medical care during childbirth, 46 of them are maternity hospitals. Of these, 45 receive under the financing contract more than last year’s grants, in total more than one billion UAH.

In addition, according to Movchan, free medical care is for newborns born prematurely.

“This service includes intensive care for newborns and their additional nursing care, 24-hour medical and nursing care, respiratory assistance, 24-hour perinatal nutrition, etc.,” said Movchan.

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At the same time, according to Movchan, perinatal centers are receiving expensive additional medicines for children born prematurely on public markets.

22 perinatal centers have signed contracts with the NHA, they receive increased funding compared to last year’s grant, totaling approximately 3.2 billion UAH.

She added that in cases where the patient is required to pay something, it is necessary to report to the hotline NSZU 16-67, and the National Service will know on what basis the money is required from the patient.

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