Do not interfere with our elections – Zelensky turned to the United States because of “Poroshenko’s films”



The head of state said that Ukraine now enjoys the support of Democrats and Republicans. And if you drag our country into the Biden-Trump campaign, that support could disappear.

Vladimir Zelensky
Vladimir Zelensky. Stock Photo –

Vladimir Zelensky spoke about it in an interview “The telegraph“, Writes the NPF.”

Commenting on the so-called “Poroshenko movies”, Zelensky said that this incident could negatively affect Ukraine, to the point that we are losing bipartisan support from the United States:

“Why involve Ukraine again in a scandal? We now have bipartisan support for the United States Congress and the Senate. Mr. Trump supports Ukraine. “

According to Vladimir Zelensky, for Ukraine, these entries “are not a priority”. In this situation, it is not important to talk about Biden and Poroshenko, but who could listen to the fifth president of Ukraine:

“I am only interested in one thing: how can I keep records in the presidential administration?”

Recall that we wrote earlier that Saakashvili had commented on the appearance of “Poroshenko films”.



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