Do Ukrainians Start Buying Online More Often?


According to the MasterCard survey, the most popular online purchases during the quarantine period were kitchen utensils, books, beauty products and board games.


Quarantine has affected how Ukrainians shop. According to the results of a MasterCard study conducted in May 2020, each of the other defendants stated that they began purchasing online more often than before. At the same time, the number of people buying essential goods on the Internet increased by 43%. The most popular “quarantine” purchases are kitchen utensils (27%), books (25%) and beauty products, particularly hair dye products (25%), board games (19%).

Among Ukrainians, demand for online experiences has also increased – 14% of respondents spend more money on them at the beginning of the year. 45% of Ukrainians polled subscribed to and watched TV programs and movies on streaming platforms, and furthermore, 50% watched live broadcasts of concerts, and just a quarter (28%) “visited” museums and others Saw attractions online.

During self-segregation, Ukrainians became more lenient: In the past month, 18% of respondents made an online donation to charity, and 7% for the first time.

According to the report, Ukrainians saw an opportunity to engage in self-education in quarantine, improve skills and try something new. More than half of the people surveyed learn online banking (59%) and learn to cook using online video lessons (58%), and 35% use remote medical services. Every tenth studies Ukrainian programming, and 15% of respondents have mastered online cutting techniques.

The security of online payments worries buyers the most. 91% of respondents are cautious when purchasing online, while 77% are concerned that they may be victims of online scams. In an effort to secure online payment, Ukrainians follow simple rules: 4 out of 5 respondents (80%) prefer the sites of well-known retailers, and before shopping online, carefully review (89%) Study and pre-contact the seller (55%).

Ukrainians top 10 most popular online classes on self-isolation

  1. 77% communicate with family, friends and colleagues via video call;
  2. 68% watch comedies or stand-ups;
  3. 50% live broadcast of concerts;
  4. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + subscription 45%;
  5. 37% learn to cook;
  6. 33% play online video games;
  7. 24% learn languages;
  8. 28% “visit” museums and attractions online;
  9. 20% do fitness through online classes;
  10. 15% went on holiday online.

Top 10 most popular products for self-isolation

  1. Kitchenware (27%);
  2. Hair dyeing products (25%);
  3. Books (25%);
  4. Board games (19%);
  5. Hair clippers (15%);
  6. Puzzles (14%);
  7. Computer / electronics (13%);
  8. Air purifiers (13%);
  9. Mat for yoga / classes in the hall (12%);
  10. Pillows (11%).

How to make secure online payment? Suggestions from mastercard

  • Choose Secure Sites: Pay for purchases only through secure web pages. Secure sites begin with “https” and the address bar contains a lock symbol.
  • Never disclose your data: Never send payment card data via social network, in SMS, by e-mail, nor be informed by phone.
  • Update your security: Regardless of the device from which you are going to make a purchase, do not forget to update your protection system – phone, laptop or tablet.

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