Do Ukrainians take care of their safety at home in advance?


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Ajax Systems presented an infographic that uses security services most often and under what circumstances

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Crisis leads to an increase in crime. This is evident not only from the large-scale bandit riots during the Great Depression, but also from the post-2014 crime statistics in Kiev.

In light of the epidemic and its economic consequences, the problem of security of housing and property is becoming topical. Do Ukrainians worry about their safety in advance? Under what circumstances is the security system established? Use the services of security firms?

We give below figures for these and other questions.

Every two years, Ajax Systems conducts anonymous inquiries of its Ukrainian users. Interviews that have Ajax security system installed in their apartment, home, office or factory. In 2019, 9013 users participated in the survey.

Males make up the majority of respondents – 82%. However, compared to previous surveys, the number of women using the security system has increased from 10% to 18%.

The average age of users surveyed is 25–44 years. In general, this age group makes up 77% of all respondents.

Interestingly, every year the proportion of users aged 35–54 falls in favor of the 18–34 age group. This suggests that the audience for security systems is declining. More and more representatives of Generation Y and Z are concerned about the security of their home.

Does Ukrainians use the services of security firms

When the user sets up a security system, he has a choice: to rely on himself and himself to inspect the premises or entrust security to the security company housing. A professional quick response team then sets off for the alarm.

In 2019, 59% of users were involved in remote control in security companies, and 41% in self-monitoring.

Often, users in the age group of 18–24, 45–54, 55+ are connected to the security control room.

When buy a security system

Typically, Ukrainians decide to set up a security system in the following situations: an unpleasant incident with the user or loved ones, moving to a new home or office, frequent trips / business trips, love of new gadgets.

Unfortunately, many Ukrainian users rob themselves or any of their relatives / friends after installing security systems. In contrast, in most European Union countries they are ahead of schedule: the results of a similar survey of users in Spain showed that in most cases the people of Spain buy an alarm if they simply live in a turbulent region.

Who chooses the system

Received different data, depending on the gender of the defendant.

Most people claim to have chosen the system on their own. Among women, the majority of the votes were divided between friends / relatives, security company and independent choice advice.

What features do you notice

High-quality wireless communication is the most important factor users pay attention to when choosing a security system. It is also important to them that the system is connected to the security console, is a convenient mobile application, and is quickly installed without unnecessary hassle.

Where is the most installed wireless system?

In Ukraine, wireless systems are often installed in users in apartments – 67% and in homes – 30%. Less frequently in offices – 17% and in production – 7%. There is also a segment of users who have a security system installed at many sites – 18%.

These data differ, again, from the results of a survey of European users: in Spain, security systems are most often installed in homes, summer residences and commercial facilities. In the apartment – less often.


The audience of security systems is getting smaller. Generations Y and X are thinking about protecting their homes. Most users rely on housing protection to professional firms. At the same time, a significant portion (41%) relies on self-monitoring.

Most often, Ukrainians buy a security system because a disaster has occurred with them or their close relatives. While meeting the requirements of insurance companies in European Union countries are ahead of schedule.

Most men choose the security system themselves (at least they say so). The women, however, listen to the advice of the security company.

When choosing a security system, users pay attention to high-quality wireless communication, the ability to connect to the security control panel, a convenient mobile application, and quick installation.

In Ukraine, wireless security solutions are most often installed in apartments.


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