Doctors at Kiev’s number 8 hospital took part in a demonstration: doctors complain about low wages



According to the doctors, the authorities have not kept the promise of additional payments to doctors who work with patients with coronavirus.

Kiev hospital number 8
Kiev hospital number 8. Photo –

Doctors no. 8 from Kiev hospital took part in a protest rally, according to the “MFN” referring to the Facebook page “Life in the Minsk massif – Obolonsky district”.

The dissatisfaction of the doctors was caused by the fact that instead of 300% surcharge, as promised by the authorities, they again received a salary of 3 to 5,000 … Although their hospital has already accepted more of a hundred patients with coronavirus:

“Doctors are treating patients with COVID-19 and expected to receive the promised benefits. But again, they received 3 to 5,000 hryvnia. Since mid-March, the hospital has received about 150 patients with coronavirus, many junior staff have left the hospital … Yesterday, two doctors identified a coronavirus and could potentially infect 42 others of their colleagues. People simply refuse to work under such conditions. “

As we said. The staff of the 8th hospital went to boycott and refused to work for 3 to 5,000 people in conditions …

Gepostet von Zhittya Minsky Masivu – Obolonsky District am Donnerstag, April 30, 2020

Recall that we had previously reported that the Ministry of Health had asked the Ukrainians to refrain from demonstrating.

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