Doctors in Odessa turn to Ukrainians: crisis is brewing in local hospitals


Doctors of Odessa



Doctors in Odessa turned to the people of Ukraine and to the authorities, recognizing the extremely difficult situation on the ground. Hospitals are absolutely not ready to accept a wave of patients and if the situation does not change, they will have to prepare for the worst.

Doctors of Odessa
Doctors of Odessa. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to “Censor.NO“.

Employees of the Odessa Regional Clinical Medical Center independently contacted the authorities and ordinary Ukrainians and spoke about the lack of equipment, consumables, staff, and the lack of necessary treatment protocols. Doctors turned around after local media released a statement from chief medical officer Vadim Shukhtin that the hospital was fully prepared to save lives from the virus.

Investigators say that many Ukrainians do not know the reality. In this case, instead of only 12 anesthesiologists, only 6 work. In addition, only two nurses and four nurses remain for the entire medical facility.

Recall, as noted above, the global alliance against coronaviruses: the leaders of the five countries made a resounding statement.

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