Doctors said how to eat candy so you don’t get fat and why men have stomachs and women have asses



Doctors have given a definitive answer to the question of when to eat candy so that fat deposits do not accumulate in the body.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

How to eat candy.
You have to eat candy properly to avoid gaining excess weight. Photo:

All foods containing sugar are best consumed in the morning, so the body will have more time to burn off the excess calories.

By respecting this rule, you can count on the fact that fat will not be deposited in the folds of the abdomen. So, the best time to eat candy is breakfast time. If you indulge in candy for lunch or, worse, for dinner, then while you sleep, everything will go fat.

Another study by scientists provides an answer to the question of why in men, fat is deposited in the stomach and in women on the pope.

The answer was given by nature, which caused energy to be deposited where it did not interfere with a person’s usual lifestyle.

Thus, the fat on the abdomen in men does not interfere too much with his movements and does not interfere with him, like a male, when hunting. And women need a stomach to carry the fetus during pregnancy.

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