Doctors should receive a minimum of 25,000 per month – Stepanov



Doctors should receive a minimum of 25,000 per month - Stepanov

Doctors should receive a minimum of 25,000 per month – Stepanov

10.05.2020 18:18


The salary of a doctor in Ukraine should be at least 25,000 hryvnia per month.

Such an opinion was expressed by the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov during an interview with TSN.ia, answering the question of the salary level of the doctors he considers to be on the market.

“We have it in the state medical guarantees law, which says: 250% of the average salary for July of last year. If we hold on to that, then the salary should be at least 25 thousand hryvnias in terms of price for 2019 … I do not understand why the surgeon should receive 4,500 UAH, and whoever comes to the post of prosecutor immediately receives 25,000 hryvnia. Of course, I am all for that the prosecutor receives 25,000 hryvnia. I just do not understand why the doctor should receive less “- said the profile of the minister.

At the same time, he expressed the hope that medical spending next year will be 6% of GDP.

“The minimum percentage for medicine in Europe is 6% in Bulgaria. I think we should go from there. I’m almost sure I can do it, and there is support from the president, so I hope that l “Next year we will have 6% of GDP. I think I will give arguments, including people’s deputies, to give us exactly that amount,” said Stepanov.

According to him, we must stop experimenting with medicine, because “these experiences will lead to the fact that we will not have doctors”: “We will only have buildings in which everything is located, except hospitals. A few more years, and we will run minibuses to Poland, where we will be treated. “

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Stepanov is confident that he will be able to reform medicine.

“We will achieve the goal – we need high-quality, affordable medicines, where specialists who earn living wages work, where high-quality equipment is installed. I think our friends will be proud abroad of the type of drugs in Ukraine, “he said.

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